The shopping part is always fun and then users get to the payment form. You need to have a great page to keep up that shopping enthusiasm. We are going to share so easy tips to keep your customers happy throughout the whole shopping process. This page is probably one of the most valuable and vulnerable parts of a website, so never stop improving your website forms.

First, find out what minimal information you need to process a payment. Keep the information being asked for as minimal as possible. The less info you ask for, the less likely a user is going to make a mistake, the less time it will take and the happier your customers will be.

Do whatever you can to reduce the amount of steps to process a credit card. Add some form validation before the submit button is even hit, there are lots of options out there that will easily accomplish this.
Keep your design clear and focused. Reduce the amount of clutter on the page and make it as straightforward as possible. Online credit card forms should look and feel serious to reinforce the sense of security.
Be as obvious as you can. Adding instructions just below a field can make a big difference in error prevention and add to the user experience. Add any hints and don’t be afraid to be too obvious.

Security is always on everyone’s mind when it comes to payment processing. Make sure all necessary security certificates are installed on your website server. This will ensure that sensitive user data won’t be lost or used for malicious purposes.

Delta Decisions provides top notch e-commerce management services (design, implementation, support) for all types of business. Contact us today to ensure you credit card checkout page is up to the best standards available.

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