There are lots of things to consider when buying and registering a domain name. It isn’t a simple case of registering your company name with “.com” attached to the end.

There are many different extensions available to use. “.com” being the most common. Other common extensions include “.ca”, “.org”, “.edu”, “.biz”, “.net”. Some have restrictions based on company locations, so you would need to know that first.

Over the years the standard extensions have been snapped up by business owners and domain resellers hoping to make some money on reselling them. This has often made it difficult for business owners to find a great domain. Recently there has been an introduction of many new domain extensions. At Delta Decisions we have found that these new extensions are still not that popular, but they do allow owners additional choices. Some of these new domain extensions are:

.online, .site, .club, .news, .company, .life, .website, .space, .guru, .photography, .global, .solutions, .world and much more.

New extensions are always becoming available so keep checking how you want to brand your business and the domain name you want to use.

When choosing a domain name there several things to keep in mind. Keep your mind short and punchy so it is easily remembered. Keep things specific, don’t use obscure names and references.
Make the name easy, by reducing the amount of work a potential customer has to do to get to your website. Keep away from difficult words. Use plain English and try to avoid using the number 0. Register multiple domain names, it can prove useful from a marketing and search engine optimisation standpoint. Look at old and expired domain names. Make your domain name memorable and it doesn’t have to be the company name.

If the domain name you choose happens to already exist, try adding hyphens, abbreviating or use acronyms. But keep trademark infringements in mind as well.
Once you have picked a domain name, you need to check to make sure there are no potential trademark infringements. Trademark infringement is using a domain that is identical, or deceptively similar to a registered trademark.

Once your domain is purchased, most people aren’t aware that you don’t actually own the domain name. Your purchase is for a license to use that domain name for a set period of time. If you allow your domain license to lapse, someone else can swoop in and register your old domain name.

Still confused about which domain to purchase, well, leave that to us, your domain experts. We can ensure the right domain and especially the extension is purchased and secured for your business venture.

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