Website Management Services will be there every single step of the website design and development process.

We will personally:

  • answer all emails and phone calls on a daily basis
  • ensure your questions are answered the same day, not next week
  • answer any and all questions about the process, the pricing, the delivery of the website to your satisfaction.

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Our website management services include working with you to design a website that meets your complete approval, create or update your website with the chosen design, develop your website to use only latest cutting-edge internet technology (from e-commerce, seo, programming, HTML5, CSS3, etc..), use our marketing tools to get and keep your website highly rated and in the top search results (SEO) and keep in constant communication with you so your website gets the attention you deserve.

Website Management Services is a complete web solution for your business.

It includes, but not limited to:

  • Ensuring the website design and layout as well as the functionality is exactly what you had envisioned it would.
  • Ensuring your website pages are accurate, have no errors and are user friendly.
  • Making sure that the website once live, you receive reports on the number of visitors to your site, what they searched on to find your site, and much more.

We also specialize in handling the hosting renewals, the domain renewals for your website as well as the textural changes that you may need as the website evolves. We also assist you in ensuring your website places well within all major search engines. There are several options for this section, paid services and free services; we will work with you in the area that best suits your needs. Branding of your website is another key part we will focus us, this includes providing you with a quality logo and color codes to use with your other marketing material, i.e. business cards or letterhead.

In summation, Website Management Services will make you and your website our number one priority, not just today and the short term, but always.