So you got your new website up and running, now what? There is still a misconception that once you have a website, the phone will start ringing or sales will increase. This is not the case for a new site. You have to remember there are millions of websites out there and thousands in the same market place perhaps as your own.

So, what is the next step? We often recommend getting a small Google Adwords campaign going.

What is Google Adwords PPC Marketing? Well it is a tool that allows your site to be listed in the Google results pretty much instantly. The way it works is you decide on a budget that you want to spend on a daily or monthly basis and then you add the keywords you want to be found with.

You create at least one ad and then once your campaign is active, your ad will start showing when people Google your term.

For example: Your business is called Jones Painting Company
Your main area of focus is Toronto, Ontario
So what we will do is add the following keywords in your campaign:
Exterior house painting, interior house painting, professional painting services, cheap painting services
We will then create a basic ad that will be show to the visitors when they search in Google’s website.
Now for the initial step we don’t want people in California to necessarily find your site, at least not from the point of view that we will pay for that person to click on our ad.
We will target the ads only to Toronto and a 30km radius in Adwords.
We will then allocate $0.25 per click (more on that topic later).

Once the Adwords are established and the campaign has been created, a Jane Doe visitor in Mississauga who searches “interior house painting” will see your advertisement will show in the list of paid advertisers. Now it may be 1st or 2nd or perhaps even on the next page, but it will allow people to see it quickly compared to the organic results. By ‘organic’, we are referring to the natural search engine results as opposed to the ‘paid’ or ‘sponsored’ results.

Why is it showing in third position you ask and not first? Well it has to do with budget, if you are only willing to pay $0.25 and another advertiser is willing to spend $1.50 for example, their ad will be above your ad. So it is a matter of adjusting your cost per click (CPC) and your daily budgets to work within a value you are happy with and see the return on your investment.

If you want a better understanding of Adwords and how it can work in your specific enterprise, contact us. We are more than happy to help you be the best your business can be.

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WMS Admin

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