Years ago, prior to the existence of the World Wide Web, one would seek the aid of a phone book to locate businesses or people. As the business names were alphabetized under the type of business, it was common for businesses to create a business name which began with the letter A or B as these businesses would appear directly under the category.

Today, the first letter of your business name is not as important considering most people ‘Google search’ for businesses. What is important though is finding a name that is catchy, easy to remember and maybe, somewhat related to the type of business you are. You also want to ensure your business name doesn’t sound too similar to another business name.

Your business name will become who you are and vice versa so you really need to be satisfied and happy with that name. It’s always nice to have friends and family help you out with selecting the name but really, at the end of the day, you alone have to be happy and comfortable with the business name. Having too many people involved in the quest for the perfect business name can sometimes end up with ‘too many chiefs’ vying for the winning name. It isn’t a contest. It’s YOUR business. It’s YOU.

When selecting a business name or domain, attempt to create a name which is catchy and one people will remember. Don’t get complicated or fancy with the name. If the name is too complicated or too detailed, people may not understand what it means and thus again, the name will not be remembered so easily. Sweet and simple is often best and most easily remembered. At the same time, the name should not be so dull as to bore the reader and then they won’t remember the name.

At the end of the day, it is well known ‘referrals’ are the best advertising tools for any company. The old adage ‘I told two friends, who told two friends’ will never get old. You want a name which is easy for people to remember and easily referred. Don’t select a name which is extremely similar to another company’s name. Potential onlookers may get confused or give up the search if they can’t ‘find you’ with ease. Find a name which will stick and stick for good!

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