People have been asking us for years about the differences between paid Google results and Google organic results.

Well here is a quick summary for you:

  1. Paid results are instant essentially, for a new site with a competitive product and keywords; it will not be on the first few pages of Google anytime soon. So, putting an appropriate budget on some keywords will at least get your website some initial traffic.
  2. Organic results are the best route for your business because ultimately there are no costs for the results to be on the first few pages. The issue is the time is takes to get on the first few pages of Google.

At Delta Decisions we have a very simple approach; we definitely want to increase your overall organic search results with legal SEO tactics and strategies. We do not use any black hat illegal practices to get you on the first pages of Google. We will monitor your SEO ranking on a regular basis to ensure the work we are doing is having a positive impact on your placement.

During this time, if you want to see some immediate results for your site, we do offer some paid advertising via Google Adwords.

You can discuss a budget and see direct results on the clicks via your analytics account. Call us today for more details.

WMS Admin

WMS Admin

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