A website’s home is there to compel users to dig deeper into the website and find out more about your company. Keeping it fresh, having attention to detail, having an editorial flair and adaptability are key to keeping users attention.

Here are some quick tips to give your Homepage that Wow look.

Keep things accurate. Making sure your content is free from broken links, errors and poor images is vital.

Use short sentences. Use only the words you need to get the crucial information across and direct users deeper into your website.

Avoid content that is out of date. Keep the content fresh and relevant. If you cannot commit to keeping an event/story up to date, don’t put it on your homepage.

Have strong Call to Actions. Use purposeful, actionable, directional language and try to avoid using things like “click here” at the end of something.

Focus on Images. Images provide a vital visual flag for users. Be careful in selecting image – making sure they reference succeeding images on other pages. Close crops tend to work better.

Content updates. Users anticipate that websites are updated regularly. Having planned and scheduled updates to your homepage should form the foundation of your website workflow.

Web analytics is Vital to understanding when users come to your site, how long they spend accessing content, what content they access and the way in which they traverse your website .

Commit to using proper resources. Successful homepage management should be the main point of your website’s functionality.

Feel overwhelmed by all of this? No troubles, contact us today and let us help you.

WMS Admin

WMS Admin

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