We have been asked by a lot of our customers what the real difference is between social media marketing and social media management.

Many times they do overlap in what we do for you the client, but they do have different roles in your overall website management services plan.

The last word of each phrase does in fact give you the biggest difference between the two services. Let’s break them down a little for you.

Social Media Marketing:

The key here is the term “marketing”. The goal is for us to get your social media accounts marketed on the web. This includes posting items on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook for you as part of the process of gaining traffic or traction through social media websites.

We generally focus our attention on some of the key social sites that will best benefit your company. The mix of social media marketing will include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin and Pinterest but there are many others that can be leveraged as part of the marketing efforts.

Our biggest goal here is to have content that will attract interest and attention to the audience such that they will share it across their social media networks.

There are many more roles and tasks of the social media marketing expert here at Delta Decisions so call us today and let us give you some additional information.

Social Media Manager:

Once again the term “manager” is the real difference here. The manager will define a social media strategy in line with your brand identity, your audience and the business goals.

The social manager will also set budgets associated with the various social actions that will take place. The management team will also define and develop strategies that will help build and enhance the social fan base.

The SMM will also plan a strategy that helps strengthen engagement between the company and the followers.

The social media manager will review ROI and select which tools and apps are best used for the company.

The role of the manager has many more parts, but these are just a few. Want to know more about social media management? Call us today or ping us on our social media accounts.

WMS Admin

WMS Admin

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