You have a website already and you have heard the termed tossed around from friends or your business partner or a staff member, “website management services”. You are thinking to yourself, “do I need this and more importantly what is it exactly?”

Well for some services company it can mean a variety of things, but here at Delta Decisions when we talk website management services, we essentially mean every single aspect of managing a website for a client.
We provide a complete service to ensure your website is always up to date, efficient, ranking well, getting lots of traffic and sales. For a new company that doesn’t have a website yet (yes, there are still a few out there believe it or not), our services include everything from design, visualization, branding and much more.

So you decide to make the move and look for a website management company. What are some things you need to know about the company you plan on working with?

Well, you need to decide if you want your website run by a large company where you will have access to a complete team of 100s of people who will service you in different ways. You will probably get a different person on the phone each and every time you call. Maybe you are fine with that and there are lots of companies that do this approach.
Are you looking for a company that actually and genuinely cares in your success in the web world? If so, that is what Delta Decisions does, we are not looking to have 1000s of customers and you are just customer ID 925, you are James Adams since birth and you will be that here with us. You will have direct access via phone, email, skype to usually the same 2-3 people because we are a small company that delivers big in every area.

You are wondering still, what will Delta Decisions do for me? That is a good question; we have 2 main approaches for our friends and customers. Method one is the “reactive approach”, where we wait for you to ask us to make changes to your hosting plan, your logo, your content or social media pages. We schedule the work and implement based on your requirement. These types of website management services plan range from 1 hour here and there a month or many hours per month, it will all depend on the size and type of website you have. Method two is the “proactive approach”; this is where we actually allocate some time each month and make suggestions to help improve your site. We might recommend some blog topics that we could write or we might suggest some content changes to your services page. These plans like the first vary in terms of overall hours each month or year. On average we recommend 2-3 hours as a starting point each month for us to work on your site.

Website management services provided by Delta Decisions can be 1-2 hours a year if your site is just a simple informational site, to 10-20 hours per month if you have a successful e-commerce site or membership site.
The most important thing with Delta Decisions and our phenomenal website management services is that you are always #1 for us. We are looking for success for your site and we will work on a plan that is customized just for you and not only provide a cookie cutter monthly plan like some other companies do. If you need 2.5 hours a month, we are not going to force you into our 6 hour plan just to make some more money.

So, if your current website is not doing what you had envisioned when it was created, or you are thinking about starting a new website and need website management, call us today, you will not be disappointed.

WMS Admin

WMS Admin

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