Shawshank Redemption is rated one of the greatest movies of all time. The movie itself is profound and the acting is incredible but what really makes this a great movie is the narrative. Morgan Freeman is able to capture the audience and keep them enthralled simply with his voice and words. Freeman’s distinctive voice lulls the audience into attentiveness and is able to keep the audience attentive throughout the entire movie. This ability to keep an audience listening, and or reading, is exactly what a content writer should doing with the audience of your website.

Quality content in your blog posts is exceptionally important for a number of reasons.

You, as the business owner may not have the time to sit down and create engaging and strong blog posts. A content writer does just that…writes content. But before hiring any content writer, it is important to make sure the writer knows all the ins and outs of your business. No, they are not expected to answer detailed and intricate questions about your business but they should have a fairly strong understanding of all aspects of your business.

The strength of a content writer arises from their ability to engage the reader. If the content is good, informative and interesting, the reader will remain engaged. If the content is not interesting or informative, you will most likely lose your reader.

The content writer also needs to know the goals and ambitions of your business. Do you have a specific project you need enhanced and promoted? Do you only want to tell the reader about your business, maybe a bit about yourself?

In terms of SEO, the content writer should also be aware and use keywords which will trigger spider bots. Tag lines, tag words, hash tags and categories are considered extremely important for search engines to optimize your web exposure. The content writer should also be able to maximize the use of social media and ensuring your posts are shared with all the social media ie Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. With the increasing popularity of these social media platforms, many readers simply resort to reading what is in their news feeds instead of visiting specific websites. If the header or tagline is catchy enough, the reader will choose to continue to the website from the link in their newsfeed. So not only is the content of your post important, but more so, the topic or the post title.

If you don’t have a budget for a content writer, make time, perhaps at minimum once a week to sit down and write a strong and informative blog post. If you have a budget for a content writer, do the research to make sure you ‘click’ with the writer. After all, the content writer will be your ‘voice’ and like Morgan Freeman’s narratives, you want to make sure your audience likes your voice.

If you have any questions about content writing and SEO optimization within your posts, please do contact us. Scott, our SEO Expert provides expert SEO plans and strategies for small, medium and large complanies and he can certainly provides expert advice for you. I will be able to help with any content strategy that is best for your business model.

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WMS Admin

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