Back in the day most website management companies used to charge additional fees for SSL certificates and dedicated IP addresses (which were needed for issuing SSL certificates).

We had to purchase SSL certificates from 3rd party providers and then pass that fee along to our hosting clients.

Those days are no more….

Wait, did you read that correctly? Yes you did.

This year we starting using Let’s Encrypt for our hosting clients. This allows us to include secure website hosting at no additional charge.

What used to cost anywhere from $75 – $200 for the SSL and an additional $10.00 per month (traditionally) for the dedicated IP, has gone done to the total price of FREE.

We don’t even charge for the installation of the SSL certificate. It’s all 100% FREE with any hosting plan on our servers.

What does this mean for you our customer? Well, first and foremost your site information is all secure.

Secondly, Google in fact ranks SSL enabled sites higher than non-SSL enabled sites.

For existing clients, we started rolling out SSL updates to your sites in early August 2018. Any new hosting client with us, automatically gets the FREE SSL installed on your hosting plan.

Everyone loves FREE stuff, but this FREE item will help your website, protect your data and make your visitors confident that their visit is 100% safe.

Call us today to get a quote on SSL enabled hosting.


WMS Admin

WMS Admin

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