Does your Ottawa business lack Google power? When you Google even your business name, do images of cats and dogs even come up before your website? If so, then what you need to do is call us today!

Delta Decisions has been providing Ottawa SEO services for many years and have successfully helped clients increase their online web presence.

What is SEO you ask? Well let’s start with the basics. SEO means “search engine optimization”. Ottawa SEO management is the process by which we get website traffic from organic or paid search results.

Generally when we focus our Ottawa SEO clients efforts on the 3 main search engines, Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Over the years the algorithms used by these major search engines to determine the position of organic results have changed and they continue to change on a regular basis. That is why it is essential for any Ottawa business looking for SEO management services to realize that we generally recommend a website plan that is not just a one-shot deal. We can typically get some get results with this route, but after a while if left untouched, then the results will start dropping.

The process for the big 3 to rank your site also has some unknown areas and ultimately it is up to those engines to place your website where they think it belongs. This is important, because there are companies out there that say “we guarantee a top 10, first page listing for your website”. You have to be aware that this is a difficult promise to make since even Google’s website tells this is not true:

Here at Delta Decisions we practice what is called “white hat” SEO practices and not the opposite “black hat”. This simply means that we follow all the recommended items from the major search engine and use our experience to get your Ottawa website design in the best position possible.

Have some more questions about this topic? Well, just call us and let Scott and I review the process with you.

Are you outside Ottawa and want to know if this is valid for you? Absolutely, SEO management services are a required tool for any and all websites and no matter where you reside. This particular blog post was written to Ottawa clients as an example, but this applies to your business 100%.

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WMS Admin

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