It’s no secret the mobile revolution is in full swing. People are buying, shopping and searching online from their smartphones and tablets more and more frequently. Mobile sales have over taken desktop sales and Responsive Design is key to making life simple for the online consumer and advantageous for the business owner.

What is Mobile Responsive Website Design you ask? Simply put, your webpage automatically readjusts and resizes itself depending on the type of device being used. Your website will move, content will relocate, images will resize, layouts will change and navigation will adjust to deliver a user friendly experience.

With this ease for users, come many other advantages to using a Mobile Responsive Website Design. As the business owner, this helps with easy maintenance and only having to update one platform through your content management system. No more working on multiple versions of your website.

Mobile Design is perfect when switching from a small viewing device to a large computer screen or from portrait orientation to landscape in an instant. Images are automatically adjusted and things are more flexible. For example, how many times do you think someone starts searching for a product on their lunch break from their smartphone, they find the site but their break is over. Tonight when they go home they decide to finish the search on their desktop. If the site is responsive, this person will have a positive user experience when transitioning from smartphone to desktop by being able to view the exact same site.

By using Mobile Responsive Website Designs you are also increasing your digital marketing. There is no question this will help you manage and build better customer relationships. Allowing users to share links that can be easily viewed on any device makes it seamless and simple to get your name out there. Your business link is passed around, posted on social media, etc. with an ease to the viewing.

Mobile Responsive Website Design has become essential due in part to the growing number of smartphones and other mobile devices. More people are using smaller screened devices to view web pages; smart phones have become the way of today. Shouldn’t it follow that Mobile Design should as well?

At Delta Decisions our customers rely on us for expert advice. We believe now is the time to begin making the transition to mobile friendly websites and responsive web design. Among many other services, we provide Mobile Website Design, Website Management Services and Maintenance Support to help with all your online business needs.

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