If you are someone who is thinking of getting a website developed, then you must be aware of the various different types of web hosting plans that are available to you. Only when you know the kind of plans that are available to you will you be able to make a decision about which suits your requirement the most. Broadly, there are 4 main types of ways you can host your website and they are free hosting, shared hosting, dedicated hosting and collocated hosting.

You can read the following given information to understand all these 4 types of hosting better:

  • Free hosting-this is a free of cost hosting service which is mostly suitable for those who are not running a commercial venture and where in most case, companies require you to purchase your domain name on your own. But most of them offer you a domain name for free of cost.
  • Shared hosting-in this type of a hosting environment, you will need to share your physical server and software applications with other website owners. This means that you will need to share not only the physical server but also the software applications that are present within the server. These types of hosting services are relatively more affordable since the cost to use the server is divided among many users.
  • Dedicated hosting-dedicated hosting is a popular type of a hosting service where you have the entire server to yourself and this makes way for a faster performance. All the resources of the server are yours to use but this makes this option slightly expensive than shared hosting. This is a great option for those website owners who need a lot of resources and also require a higher security level.
  • Collocated hosting-this is a type of a hosting option in which you purchase your own server and have to hosted at a web host’s facility. Here, you are responsible for the server yourself and have full control over its working and functioning.

Some of the other types of hosting plans available include reseller hosting and VPS hosting. Reseller hosting is that kind of a hosting which is suitable for web masters who wish to resell their own hosting service. This is a great option for those who have many websites since managing them becomes easy from one control panel.VPS hosting on the other hand is a great option for advanced users since even though the website is placed with others on a server but there are fewer websites sharing the space.

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