With the popularity of social media and the increase in the number of businesses using such social networking platforms for promoting their business, comparisons are often drawn between the effectiveness of a website and that of a Facebook Page. Considering the fact that Facebook is a faster way to reach out to more new and existing customers and a robust platform for affordable marketing, many businesses these days are skipping having a website and relying only on their Facebook page. But can such social networking handles really replace the need for having a website? Let’s find out:

Benefits of having a Facebook page over a website:

Let’s look at some pros of having a Facebook page over having a website.

  • A Facebook page allows a great deal of customization and also makes it possible for page owners to direct their customers directly to different tabs as well. This may not be possible with a website.
  • It is very easy to create a Facebook page also run it. Not only is the management and update of such pages very less time saving but also easier than updating a website.
  • Facebook pages are more likely to find more traffic and go viral and this gives your business a good visibility and publicity in a very quick way. There are many social media management companies which can handle the management and marketing of your social media accounts for you at very reasonable rates.

Why Facebook Page still cannot replace a website:

No matter how many benefits Facebook page offers your business, you still cannot deny or ignore the importance of a website.

  • Without a website, you are not building any search engine ranking and not establishing yourself anywhere on the web except for social networks. Content is a big part of the web-based marketing concept and helps you gain prospective clients.
  • When you just promote yourself online through a Facebook page, then you are totally relying on it and ignoring the fact that it will always be there. If by any chance, Facebook disappears someday or makes it difficult for businesses to market themselves, then you will have no past record on the web to show for. But if you have a solid website, you have your own space on the internet where only your rules work.
  • Having a website gives you an edge over your competitors and all of those businesses who function only through Facebook. When your consumers see that you have a website, the trust factor shoots up and this may have a positive impact on your sales and popularity.

So if you are someone who only owns a Facebook page currently for your business but are interested in getting a website made, then you can contact websitemanagementservices.ca. Here, not only will you find the best web development and management services but also social media management and marketing options as well.

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